Network of multidisciplinary ideation and business model generation program

University as the knowledge base for new solutions

Universities all over the globe create new knowledge, transmit old one, and inspire people to think about things that don’t yet exist. This activity brightens the educator, the researcher, the student, who see the world differently, observe the moments of the everyday life differently and as a result discover new problems. These new problems can serve as a base for new solutions that materialize in new products or services.

Different people see new problems, create new solutions

The process, result, specificity of the opportunity-seeking and recognition behavior, which results in inventions and innovations, differs between regions. These differences, if they are integrated and developed by, and transformed through a unified processes can create newer, better and more complex solutions to problems that might be similar in different regions of the world.

The interaction of different cultures expands the horizon for opportunities

If the young entrepreneurs within universities from around the world come together and share their ideas for solving problems the opportunity horizon expands, new products and services emerge, regions converge toward each other, and knowledge diffusion accelerates. The speed of validation, fund raising enhances connecting the demand and supply to each other more efficiently.

Network of multidisciplinary ideation and business model generation program (NetMIB)

NetMIB on the one hand is to establish a common methodology to stimulate multidisciplinary ideas, turn those ideas into solutions to problems in the socio-economic environment. Beside the process of multidisciplinary idea generation within universities the NetMIB establishes a common platform where the participating institutions and the students of these institutions can interact with each other to validate their products and services and also to build coalitions, joint intercultural, interdisciplinary teams.

Want to join?
If you are interested in joining our community in either in the development phase of the common curriculum or in the phase of execution, please send us an email.
You can contact us via our national representative: see the Project Partners page.

  • Project kick off in Hungary

  • First research report

    The first research report is almost ready
  • July 11th

    After the second virtual coordination meeting, partners are now facing Phase2 of the project: macro designing of the training program